I Have A Story … by Bob

I have been a patient with Graystone Eye for many years and had cataract surgery with Dr. Chang in November 2013. Dr. Chang took over my eye care when Dr. Foster retired from the practice. I was in for my scheduled routine eye exam, and mentioned to the technician that my right eye seemed more blurry than in the past. I assumed I needed a new prescription for glasses, so wanted to get that while I was in the office. I also told the technician that I was experiencing some double vision on occasion, while reading. Dr. Chang went through my examination, and recommended I have some scans done that would take images of the back of my eye. After reviewing the images, Dr. Chang suspected a condition called Macular Pucker and another condition called Diplopia.
At that point I was referred to Dr. Williams, one of the practice’s Retina specialists, for the assessment and treatment of my retina issue. Under the care of Dr. Williams I maintained scheduled follow-up visits to monitor the condition, but endured vision changes between those visits. Throughout all of these visits, I was impressed at the partnering approach they had together and with me. They spent time educating me on my conditions and what the next steps of their plan needed to be. We discussed the timeline for recovery, pain levels, my daily routine during recovery, and what the actual surgery would be like. I asked many questions, and I never once felt as if I was being rushed or inconveniencing them. Both doctors made me feel confident in the surgery and its outcome. They never made me feel like I was “just another patient”, but rather that I was their main focus.
I did in fact go through with the surgery my doctors recommended, and the results are excellent! I now have no blurry vision and my double vision has gone away completely. I am a voracious reader and the successful surgery has allowed me to resume my hobby. The care and attention I have received by the Graystone doctors have been fantastic. They are incredible listeners, very easy to talk to, and make me feel comfortable at all times. There was also a little humor throughout my experience, which really helped me to feel at ease. The staff in the surgery center was amazing. They kept me informed, were very attentive, courteous, and kind. I am blessed to have such great physicians taking care of me, and it is more than just the doctors. The entire staff from receptionist, to the patient representatives, to the technicians, to the optical staff; all of them are competent and professional, but more than anything — they care.