I Have A Story ... Danny

I Have A Story … by Danny

My journey with Graystone Eye started when I was referred by my optometrist Dr. David Kulesia, of the Maiden Eye Center. Upon seeing Dr. Kulesia, I had been having trouble seeing in my left eye, for about three weeks. It was during his exam that he noticed a possible detached retina and referred me to Graystone Eye immediately. By the time I made it to my appointment at Graystone, I had pretty much lost vision in the bottom half of my left eye.

I was scheduled to see Dr. T.R. Williams, a retina specialist, on a Friday afternoon. He confirmed that I did in fact have a torn and partially detached retina, and injected a gas bubble into my eye while I was there in the office (the bubble helps press the retina back into place). This procedure was the start of my treatment plan, and I was instructed to go home and keep my head in a straight, upright position, tilted slightly to the right. This was a little difficult and uncomfortable for sleeping, but I made it work!

I returned to Graystone and met with Dr. Williams the following morning (Saturday), for surgery. The procedure was done with a laser that essentially “welded” the retina back into place and fixed the tears as well. It’s quite a terrifying experience when you lose part of your vision, especially when it’s rapid and unexpected. I cannot express how impressed I am with Dr. Williams and his staff. Throughout the entire experience, Dr. Williams and his team kept me calm, and explained the process in a detailed manner than left me comfortable about what would take place.

Since my initial visit with Dr. Williams, I have had the surgery and follow-up care, but my vision is back to normal. I suffered minimal eye pain and slight irritation, but overall my eyes are good. Being a photographer and avid hiker, my eyesight is invaluable, as with everyone; but good clear vision is especially important to me. If it wasn’t for the expedited care taken by everyone involved, I am not sure how my vision would have fared. Dr. Williams and his team truly restored the vision in my left eye!

Dr. T.R. Williams

T.R. Williams, MD
Vitreo-Retinal Specialist