I Have A Story ... Mike

I Have A Story … by Mike

There is really no way to express how certain I am that Dr. Adair saved my life. He has such a holistic approach to treating patients, and even though he is an eye doctor, he is still a doctor. I was having some trouble with headaches this past year, so I made an appointment with my primary care doctor. After a routine visit, my doctor sent a referral to Graystone Eye for me to be evaluated for ocular migraines. I was seen by Dr. Adair, who spent a significant amount of time with me, and asked several questions to better understand what issues I was having.

My symptoms were pain behind both eyes, and jagged-edged black dots that started in my line of sight and continued getting larger. Every time I experienced these symptoms, I would get a headache that lasted about 15 minutes. What really alarmed me was that these symptoms started out of nowhere. I was literally riding up the mountain in my car, and had a loss of vision in my right eye which lasted about an hour.

Dr. Adair went through my history with me and performed a full eye exam in his office with diagnostic scans. He told me that everything from a visual standpoint looked good, but that he wanted to send me for blood work and an ultrasound of my carotid arteries to rule out any blockages. Upon receiving the results that showed my right carotid had a 90-99% blockage, Dr. Adair immediately sent me to a vascular surgeon. It was then discovered that I also had a brain aneurysm.

I have since had surgery to clear my artery and fix the aneurysm. I credit Dr. Adair for ordering those tests and finding the problems I had. The reality is that I could have had a stroke if the blockages had not been detected. I can never thank Dr. Adair enough for investigating my symptoms further than just conducting a “routine” exam. He is truly a blessing to his profession and I will forever appreciate the difference he has made in my life.

Dr. Brian C. Adair

Brian C. Adair, MD
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist