Optical Packages and Add-Ons

Basic Value Package


Bifocal Value Package


Good Progressive Package


  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Varilux Comfort 2
  • Reflection Free Anti-Glare
  • 1 Year/1 Time Warranty
  • Value Frame Included or Retail

Better Progressive Package


  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Varilux Comfort W2
  • Crizal Alize Anti-Glare
  • 2 Year/2 Time Warranty
  • 10% Discount

Best Progressive


  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Varilux X Design
  • Crizal Sapphire/Prevencia Anti-Glare
  • 2 Year/2 Time Warranty
  • 30% Discount


* May not be combined with insurance or other discounts.

Lens Options

There are so many lens options available; therefore our goal is to ensure patients are educated on the differences in design and quality. Superior quality lenses are generally only available through large labs, and require orders to be placed individually. Some commercial stores promote lenses in an hour or less; please understand they are offering convenience not quality. At Graystone we opt to use the larger labs to ensure the best quality lenses are available to our patients. While you won’t leave with your new glasses the day of your appointment; we do ensure timely delivery!

Visual Options

Single Vision Lens: This lens is for the person who has either near or distance vision issues, but not both. A single vision lens has the same power of correction across its entire surface, and is designed for individuals who need correction for “simple” vision conditions, such as myopia*, hyperopia* and astigmatism*, as well as “high correction” patients – people whose eyesight is very poor. These lenses are available in several different materials, such as polycarbonate, plastic or high-index.

Bifocals: Not all bifocals are created equal. There are lined and no-line progressive bifocals by Varilux. Patient preference and lifestyle are key in determining which bifocal option to go with. Lined bifocals have a visible area of the lens designed for near vision; while the No-line progressive bifocal blends the near and distance visions spaces. High-performance digital lenses by Varilux provide the best clarity and fit possible, while disguising lines that give away that a person is wearing “readers”.

No-line progressive lenses (also known as multifocal): This lens allows distance, mid-range and reading prescriptions to exist in one pair of glasses for all your vision needs. This premium lens was developed to offer precision and clarity via advanced technology, to ensure a person can have the best visual outcome in one pair of glasses.

Upgrade Options

Hi-Index Lenses: These thin lenses come in a variety of choices for visual needs. This lens was designed for the individual with a strong prescription, which can often result in thicker, heavier glasses. The material of these lenses is thinner with a flatter front curvature; resulting in a lighter reduced thickness material for greater comfort and a better appearance. They offer superior optics and can be easily used when rimless and thinner metal frames are being worn.

Polycarbonate: (also known as anti-scratch/impact resistant) – They are said to be the strongest of all the optical lenses, and are recommended by the FDA for sport and safety glasses, and work best with most rimless frame styles. If you have a “high impact” lifestyle, these lenses may be a great options for you!

Anti-reflective coating (also known as anti-glare): Crizal anti-reflection lenses ensure best sight, no matter the environment around you. In coating is made up of layered filters, placed on the front and back surface of the lens. This allows all of the light to pass through the lens instead of bouncing back, thus creating a reflection of light or anti-glare. This feature also ensures max light passes through the lens, ensuring a sharper and clearer visual outcome.

Polarized lenses (also known as “no more squint lines”): A polarized lens is a high tech sunglass filter that eliminates glare and allows light to pass through the lens in only one direction. These lenses provides 100% UV protection for your eyes; and are the ideal choice for driving and outdoor activities.

Transitions®: Transitions lenses allow your eyes the comfort they deserve, even when going from a dark room to the bright outdoors. They are designed to adapt to any light, so you can focus on your tasks without having the change glasses.

Computer lenses: These new technology lenses are designed for your eyes to relax even while using digital devices. This unique lens offers comfort clarity for close and intermediate distances. If you spend a lot of time on various devices including the computer, these lenses may be the perfect fit for you.